Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact OneStopKnifeShop?
Where are you located?
What are the hours of operation for OneStopKnifeShop?
I have an item to return, how do I do so?
I need to cancel my order, how do I do so?
I have a warranty issue, what do I do?
Do you have a paper catalog you can send me?
I have questions about a knife, can you answer them for me?

Ordering / Site Information
How do I use your site?
Can I search for an item?
I don't see (Product Name) on your site, can you get it?
Can I call in my order by phone?
Is it safe to use your shopping cart?
What are the Terms & Conditions of ordering through OneStopKnifeShop?
What do I need to know to order automatic knives through your store?

International Customers
I live outside the US, what do I need to do to order through OneStopKnifeShop?

I just placed an order, when do you charge my card?
What happens if the item I order is out of stock?
What methods of payment do you accept?

Technical Support
I'm using a Mac & when I go to checkout, the cart gives me a "data decryption error"!
The shopping cart tries to get me to download something!
The Sale Price looks like it's higher than the standard price!
The UPS Tracking Screen says it has no information on my order?

I didn't get a confirmation / email receipt!

When can I expect to receive my order?
What shipping service do you use?
What are your shipping rates?
Can I use a different method of shipping?
Can I choose UPS Ground for orders shipping to Hawaii or Alaska?