Operations FAQ

How can I contact OneStopKnifeShop?
Please check out our Contact Us page for our phone, fax, snail mail and email information. We can also be reached by going to the 1StopKnifeShop forum on BladeForums.com.

Where are you located?
We are located in Louisville, Kentucky, at the corner of Christie Barret Avenue (between Winter & Broadway).

What are the hours of operation for OneStopKnifeShop?
We are open from 10 AM to 6PM EST, Monday - Friday. Someone may be here during nights & weekends, however, your best bet is to call during normal business hours.

I have an item to return, how do I do so?
Please call us and let us know in advance should you need to return an item, for whatever reason. Our Return Policy can be found on this page, all returns must have a Return Authorization (RA) number, items shipped without one will not be accepted.

I need to cancel my order, how do I do so?
All Cancellations must take place by phone. Click here for a more in depth version of our cancellation policy.

I have a warranty issue, what do I do?
Though we do try to check each piece of merchandise before it leaves our store, sometimes a defective item does make it through. You can either send the item back to the manufacturer in accordance to their warranty policies, or you can return the item to us, and we will ship it back for you. If you do send the item back to us for return to the manufacturer, please include sufficient funds for return shipping. Due to federal laws, all automatic knives must be returned to us for warranty repair / replacement

Do you have a paper catalog you can send me?
Unfortunately, we do not produce paper catalogs at this time. In our efforts to bring you the best prices and services, a paper catalog would be counter productive when we can instantly update our website with the latest pricing and item information.

I have questions about a knife, can you answer them for me?
We'll be happy to! Just call our 1.502.671.5510 number or email us at info@onestopknifeshop.com and we'll be happy to answer whatever questions we can. Please be as specific as possible as it saves time on both ends.