Sentry Solutions

In the war against corrosion, Sentry Solutions is your best weapon!

The Sentry Solutions TUF products apply a fast-drying, water-displacing MICRO-BONDING CRYSTAL BARRIER that offers outstanding protection against rust, friction and wear.

TUF-CLOTHs makes messy old oil and silicone rags obsolete. They use a unique lint-free fabric to apply an ultra-thin coating that guards against corrosion, provides cleaning and lubrication. The protection won't wash off, will not attract dirt and doesn't leave a slippery film. TUF-CLOTH™ out performs the competition thirteen to one in any weather conditions and is safe to use on wood, plastics and all types of metal. MARINE TUF-CLOTH™ is recommended for use around salt water, extreme environments and long term storage of collectibles, tools and gear.

TUF-GLIDE™ is a quick-drying liquid partner for TUF-CLOTH™. Use TUF-GLIDE™ to lubricate and protect all moving parts and hard to reach places. When used together your gear has 100% protection.

TUF-CLOTH™ and TUF-GLIDE™ are tested and used by NAVY SEALs and recommended by Benchmade Knives®, Camillus Cutlery, and many others.

TUF-Products offer long-lasting protection on all types of metal finishes, even parkerized. They beautify woods and are safe on plastics.