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Praetorian Systems 2-Finger Aluminum Knuckles

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PRAETORIAN SYSTEMS ALUMINUM KNUCKLES - The best "knuckles" on the planet, created by a Special Forces Veteran.
LEGAL WARNING: "Brass Knuckles" are heavily restricted in many locations & a misdemeanor / felony to own in some! CHECK LOCAL LAWS BEFORE ORDERING!
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Weighing in at a mighty 1.5 oz, these are quite possibly the best "knuckles" on the market. They are so lightweight, you will forget you are even carrying them in your pocket.

Staff Notes: When someone claims they are a Special Forces Soldier we'd normally tell you to run in the opposite direction, as fast as you can, while holding onto your wallet for dear life. The creator of these knuckles, however, is the real deal - we've known him for years and he is currently on active duty. When not conducting operations in Southwest Asia, he is a staff trainer at several of the preeminent combat shooting schools in the US. This is the first of several products scheduled for release based on his real world experience - he is shaping the future of warfighters.

LEGAL WARNING: "Brass Knuckles" are heavily regulated / restricted and in many areas are a felony or misdemeanor to even possess! With that in mind, these are intended for our Law Enforcement / Military customers who need a last ditch weapon to protect their lives in combat, whether on the battlefield or city streets. CHECK LOCAL LAWS BEFORE ORDERING!