Photon Microlights

Photon Microlights - Something NO Keychain should be without!

Photon Microlights are something no keychain should be without. Pictured at right, these LED Flashlights are both compact and durable, weighing nearly nothing, yet are instantly ready for use.

The Photon II lights feature both a momentary on push button and an on / off switch, and come standard with a Key Ring. Lanyards are also available for $2.

Below is a color chart listing colors and battery life for each model:

Color Color Spec. Beam Angle Battery Battery Life*
Red:  626 nm. 24 (wide) 1 x Lithium CR-2032 124 hrs.
Orange: 605 nm.  15 (narrow) 1 x Lithium CR-2032 124 hrs.
Yellow: 590 nm. 15 (narrow) 1 x Lithium CR-2032 124 hrs.
Green: 525 nm. 30 (wide) 1 x Lithium CR-2032 200 hrs.
Turquoise: 500 nm. 30 (wide) 2 x Lithium CR-2016 12-14 hrs.
Blue: 470 nm.  30 (wide) 2 x Lithium CR-2016 12-14 hrs.
White:  6500 Kelvin 20 (narrow) 2 x Lithium CR-2016 12-14 hrs.
Infrared: ??? ??? 1 x Lithium CR-2032 ???
  • ph-p1.gif
    PH-P1 Photon I Microlight - Momentary on only
    Visible for more than a mile, and smaller than a quarter, the Photon I Microlight is something no keychain should be without! NASA approved, these lights can attach to any keychain or zipper and make great gift ideas! Available in 5 colors - white, red, blue, yellow, and infrared! The Photon 1 operates as a "momentary on" flashlight - push the button to turn on, release to turn off
    PH-P1 Photon I Microlight - Momentary on only $12.00 $9.99 PH-LAN Photon Lanyards $4.00 $2.00
  • ph-p2-coins.gif
    PH-P2 Photon II Microlight - Momentary & Constant on $20.00 $13.99 PH-LAN Photon Lanyards $4.00 $2.00
  • ph-accessory-kit.gif
    PH-AK Photon Battery Replacement & Accessory Kit$12.00
    Everything you need to repair and maintain your Photon Microlight! Contains Two CR-2016 and One CR-2032 Lithium Batteries, One Screwdriver, One Screw, One Short Lanyard with Clip, Two sets Velcro brand Hook and Loop Fasteners, One Neck Lanyard with Hook, and Instructions. A must for any serious Photon user!
  • PH-BATT Photon 3V Lithium Battery$5.00$2.50
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    PH-FUSION Photon Fusion Headlamp$82.00$54.99
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    PH-F Photon Freedom LED Flashlight
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    Price $18.00 $18.00 $18.00 $18.00
    On Sale! $14.99 $13.99 $12.99 $12.50
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    PHOTON FREEDOM - The easiest to use, most powerful, full featured micro light available. Intuitive single-button operation provides quick, easy access to a full range of features including fully adjustable brightness and multiple strobe and signaling functions. Includes a free hands-free Photon Clip!
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