Lubricants @ 1SKS

Knife Lube to keep your folders opening fast!
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    SS-91060 Sentry Solutions TUF-GLIDE (.5 oz precision applicator)$13.99$11.00
    SS-91060 Sentry Solutions TUF-GLIDE (.5 oz precision applicator)
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    MILITEC-1 Militec-1 1 oz. Synthetic Lubricant & Metal Conditioner$6.00
    NEW! MILITEC-1 is a "chemically-reacted synthetic-based metal conditioner that protcts metal with a contant synthetic-based impregnated molecular structure." Simply put, it delivers constant lubrication; reduces friction and wear; inhibits corrosion; and causes no unwanted material buildup. Traditional lubricants only temporarily coat the metal surfaces which over time breaks down losing its effectiveness. MILITEC-1 goes beyond by impregnating the metal surface on the molecular level where it won't wipe away.