Leatherman Tools Classic Series



Worldwide, millions of Leatherman multi-purpose tools are gripping and crimping and filing and cutting in places as far flung as the South Pole and the Australian Outback, even in space! Not only did they invent the category, they have also sold more multi-tools than anyone else. Ever. The originator. The innovator. Leatherman sets the standards in the multi-tool world. No one else can say that.


In 1975, Tim Leatherman was on a "low-budget" trip through Europe. He got fed up with his standard "scouter's knife." It just wasn't much help on old hotel plumbing and his unreliable car. What he really needed was a compact pocket knife with full-size pliers, but no such tool existed. "I made notes of what I really needed," says Leatherman. "When I returned to the United States, I went to work in my garage and started designing a new kind of tool�one that would replace the knife with something more useful." He says he was "trying to build a pocket tool that met not only my needs, but the needs of others as well." Tim spent the next eight years using his engineering background to design such a tool. In 1983, after working with hundreds of prototypes, he and Steve Berliner founded Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. and began production of the original LEATHERMAN� Tool, known as the PST�.