Lansky Sharpening Accessories

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    LAN-LM007 Lansky Pedestal Mount$5.95
    Lansky Pedestal Mount - LAN-LM007 - A great new convenience for your LANSKY Sharpening System, the Pedestal Mount is designed so that the post is a permanent, integral part of the base. Features include: Designed to give you maximum stability | Lightweight single piece unit | Screw holes to facilitate optional mounting | Made from space age plastic
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    LAN-LM009 Lansky Universal Mount$11.95
    Lansky Universal Mount - LAN-LM009- The versatile Universal Mount is designed to optimize your LANSKY Sharpening System. Features include: Compact, lightweight aluminum construction | 2 piece mount disassembles for easy storage | Fits in your sharpening system carrying case | Pre-drilled base can be screwed to your work bench, or clamped to any work surface.
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    LAN-LM010 Lansky Super C Mount$22.95
    Lansky Convertible Super "C" - Clamp - LAN-LM010 -The Convertible Super "C" Clamp Mount has a unique two-piece design featuring aircraft grade aluminum construction that allows you to attach your LANSKY Sharpening System on any surface, vertical or horizontal.
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    LAN-LOL01 Lansky Honing Oil$4.95
    Lansky Nathan's Natural Honing Oil - LAN-LOL01 Specially formulated for use with all LANSKY Sharpeners and Natural Arkansas Bench stones. Nathan's Natural Honing Oil is highly refined honing oil and is essential in keeping your hones lubricated to achieve the best sharpening results. Just a few drops will protect the hone and give you the professional edge you desire. Nathan's Natural Honing Oil is available in 4oz. (120 ml) plastic bottles.
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    LAN-LTRCS Lansky Cold Steel Knife Sharpener$6.50$5.99
    LANSKY COLD STEEL KNIFE SHARPENER - Portable pocket sharpener with specially designed shape specifically for Cold Steel Knives and their unique serration pattern. Comes with ball chain for easy hanging or key chain carry.