Kershaw 1399X Interval - New for 2022

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Lightweight fixed blade made of PA-66 Nylon, this is an inexpensive last resort self defense tool. Kershaw original design.
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The Interval proves that lightweight doesn’t have to mean small. Despite a 7.4-inch overall length, this Project ATOM fixed blade weighs under an ounce. Other unique elements include its drop point blade, which still forms a distinct, sharp tip. Like all Project ATOM Kershaws, the edges are blunt and the PA-66 nylon and glass fiber combo material is resilient to rust. Don’t be fooled by its size. The Interval is light like atoms, yet its larger form factor gives users extra surface area for work tasks.

Kershaw 1399 Interval
Overall Length: 7.4"
Blade Length: 3.5"
Blade Material: PA-66 glass reinforced nylon
Blade Thickness: 0.15"
Handle Length: 3.9"
Handle Material: PA-66 glass reinforced nylon
Handle Thickness: 0.38"
Sheath: Not included
Weight: 0.7 oz
Country of Origin: China