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G-80040 Gerber Reactor LED Flashlight - 1 Watt

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GERBER REACTOR FLASHLIGHT - It's not enough that the Reactor delivers one full watt of illuminating power out to a distance of 100 feet. Nor is it enough that this innovative light is up to three times brighter than many multi-diode cluster L.E.D.s. It's not even enough that its one L.E.D. bulb is durable enough to last a lifetime. Nope, our design had to take things a step further. They focused this time on the housing, choosing to combine anodized aircraft aluminum with a rugged polycarbonate resin. Consequently, the Reactor has one of the most formidable housings in the industry. And inside that stalwart housing, you'll find sophisticated circuitry that enables the two AA batteries (included) to do their job. The Reactor is a heckuva light that gets a heckuva reaction.


The Reactor is True LED Power. One Reactor diode with special optical lens will shine 75 feet and is 3x the brightness of a standard 4 LED Cluster. Offering the efficiency of LED technology and the brightness and color of incandescent light, the Reactor will never leave you in the dark again.

Water Resistance & O-Ring:
The Reactor is protected against water penetration in two areas: in the head of the flashlight and in the tail cap. It is completely water resistant, but not meant for exteneded water submersion. If the tail cap becomes difficult to twist over time, clean and lubricate the o-ring attached to the tail cap using silicone grease.

2 AA alkaline batteries (Not included). Use Lithium AA batteries for brightest output. The use of Lithium batteries will not adversely affect the longevity of the Reactor.

Battery Installation and Replacement:
Twist the tail cap counter-clockwise and remove from the barrel. Insert two AA batteries, positive side first, into the barrel. Reattach the tail cap.

Remove batteries during long periods of inactive use of storage. Once batteries are depleted, remove them immediately from the Reactor.

Twist the head of the flashlight to turn the flashlight on-off. DO NOT attempt to remove the plastic head orom the aluminum body. The head and barrel are permanently attached.

Battery: 2 x AA
Bulb: 1 Luxeon LED
Body: Aircraft Aluminum
Body Colors: Black
Diameter: 1.21"
Length: 6.02"
Run Time: 10 hours peak
Waterproof: Water Resistant
Pocket Clip: No
Momentary on: No
Constant on: Yes
Weight: 2.5 oz w/o batteries