Benchmade Custom Collaborations

Benchmade Knives has a proud tradition of working with custom knife makers to present the finest in custom designs for a production price.

Form and function are the key ingredients to any knife design, and we take both very seriously at Benchmade. That is the reason behind our Benchmade Designer Series. It's foundted on the premise of a high regard for the individual custom knife maker and what they represent to the knife industry. these skilled artisans and craftsmen pour their passions and employ their talents into making unique realities one piece at a time. they are continually developing new innovations and fresh designs which improve the form and function of knives

By working closely with a selection of world class custom designers, Benchmade is able to tap into the newest locking mechanisms, modern materials, and the latest designs. A collaboation between designer and manufacturer transpires into something special that previously may have only been enjoyed by a fortunate few. It works because we all share the same passion for superior form and function in making on of mankind's oldest tools

We currently offer the following custom maker collaborations -