Pelican Lights

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    PEL-8050AC110 Pelican Light FL - Black Knight M11 40K CP w/AC Charger$133.40$120.99
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    PEL-2326 Pelican M6 Remote Pressure Switch$22.15$19.99
    PELICAN M6 REMOTE PRESSURE SWITCH - The M6 Remote Switch is designed to allow momentary operation of the Pelican M6 flashlight when mounted to a rifle or shotgun. The Remote Switch replaces the standard switch with a 6" (15cm) cord attached to a 2" (5cm) long pressure-sensitive switch. Attachment of the pressure sensitive switch is achieved by the use of hook and look tape. Weight: 2.0 oz
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    PEL-2220B Pelican VersaBrite 3 LED clip light
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    PELICAN VERSABRITE 3 LED CLIP LIGHT - Water resistant. Tested Lumen Value 5.5, Watts 0.6. Battery Burn time 100+ hours. Pelican's latest addition ot the VersaBrite family is an LED version. Dual super bright white LEDs never need replacing and provide over 100 hourse of battery usage. Comes with CR 2032 batteries. Body made of virtually indesctructible Xenoy. Lights turn on when head is flipped up. Swivel head pivots to a full 180° for light where you need it. Multiple use built-in clip attaches to surfaces up to .5" thick. 2 White LEDs
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    PEL-610 Pelican Model 610 Front Sight Mount for HK MP5$45.95
    PELICAN MODEL 610 FRONT SIGHT MOUNT - Fits Heckler & Koch MP5. Includes mounting hardware, Velcro wrap, alcohol swabs & 6" remote pressure switch.
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    PEL-620 Pelican Model 620 Side Sling Mount for AR-15, M16, M4$66.95
    PELICAN MODEL 620 SIDE SLING MOUNT FOR AR-15, M16, M4 - Quick release picatinny rail mount. Mounting kit includes - mounting hardware, velcro wrap, 6" remote pressure switch, alcohol swabs.
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    PEL-630 Pelican Model 630 Foregrip Mount for AR-15, M16, M4$45.95
    PELICAN MODEL 630 FOREGRIP MOUNT FOR AR-15, M16, M4 - Fits AR-15, M16, or M4 carbine (or any weapon with Picatinny rails). Mounting kit includes: mounting harware, velcro wrap, 6" remote pressure switch, picatinny rail mount, rubber strap, alcohol swabs.
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