Cold Steel Swords

Click here to return to Cold Steel SwordsOver the past two decades we have received numerous requests from our customers asking us to produce a line of swords. During this period, we have tried to honor these requests and have made numerous prototypes but at the critical testing stage, all fell short of our expectations.

Now we are delighted to announce we have finally found a small factory in China capable of making real battle worthy swords that meet our standards and expectations for strength, cutting power, and most importantly, workmanship.

Each sword blade is hand forged out of AUS 1050 spring steel and individually heat treated, tempered and polished by skilled hands.

Please don't mistake these swords for that "just for show" junk sold by our competitors or in the martial arts magazines. These ARE the genuine article; real, battle-ready weapons that you can bet your life on.

Please note: All out-of-stock swords are considered special order, please call for availability & allow extra time for shipping.

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