550 Parachute Cord - 100 Foot Hanks

"Where is the prince who can afford so to cover his country with troops for its defense, as that ten thousand descending from the clouds might not in many places do an infinite deal of mischief before a force could be brought together to repel them?" - Benjamin Franklin, Writings IX, 1784

550 Cord is the lifeline of Paratroopers - it's what connects the Parachutist to his canopy, and has found it's way into the commercial market because of the thousands of uses good quality cord has in a field environment. We sell both Official Issue MIL-C-5040H TYPE III Parachute Cord and commercial Paracord. Do not be fooled by inexpensive "550 cord" or "Paracord" - if it is not listed as MIL-C-5040H TYPE III then it is not the real thing.