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Spyderco Knives - Discontinued Products

sc-119p.jpg DISCONTINUED SC-119P Spyderco C119P Citadel 79mm
Part #: SC-119P
DISCONTINUED SC-102P Spyderco Adventura - Plain Edge
Part #: SC-102P
DISCONTINUED SC-105BMP Spyderco C105BMP Persian 75mm
Part #: SC-105BMP
DISCONTINUED SC-108P Spyderco Bi-Fold - Plain Edge
Part #: SC-108P
DISCONTINUED SC-108S Spyderco Bi-Fold - Partially Serrated Edge
Part #: SC-108S
DISCONTINUED SC-109BKP Spyderco C109BKP "S" Black
Part #: SC-109BKP
DISCONTINUED SC-109SLP Spyderco C109SLP "S" Silver
Part #: SC-109SLP
DISCONTINUED SC-10GPFG Spyderco C10GPFG Endura 4 Foliage Green - G10 Handle
Part #: SC-10GPFG
DISCONTINUED SC-10PSGRE Spyderco C10PSGRE Endura 4 ZDP-189 - Green Handle, Partially Serrated Edge
Part #: SC-10PSGRE
DISCONTINUED SC-10PSGYW Spyderco C10PSGYW Endura 4 Wave - Grey Handle, Partially Serrated
Part #: SC-10PSGYW
DISCONTINUED SC-10SFG Spyderco C10SFG Endura 4 Foliage Green - Nylon Handle, Fully Serrated
Part #: SC-10SFG
sc-10sgre.jpg DISCONTINUED SC-10SGRE Spyderco C10SGRE Endura 4 ZDP-189 - Green Handle, Fully Serrated
Part #: SC-10SGRE
DISCONTINUED SC-10SGYW Spyderco C10SGYW Endura 4 Wave - Grey Handle, Fully Serrated
Part #: SC-10SGYW
DISCONTINUED SC-10TRW Spyderco C10TRW Endura 4 Wave Trainer - Red Handle
Part #: SC-10TRW
DISCONTINUED SC-110P Spyderco C110P Lava
Part #: SC-110P
DISCONTINUED SC-111GP Spyderco C111GP Captain
Part #: SC-111GP
DISCONTINUED SC-115CFP Spyderco T-Mag - Carbon Fiber Handle, Plain Edge
Part #: SC-115CFP
DISCONTINUED SC-116CFP Spyderco C116CFP SuperHawk
Part #: SC-116CFP
sc-11psfg.jpg 2013 Spyderco 11PSFG Delica4 Foliage Green FRN CombinationEdge
Part #: SC-11PSFG
DISCONTINUED SC-11PSGRE Spyderco C11PSGRE Delica 4 ZDP-189 - Green Nylon Handle, Partially Serrated Edge
Part #: SC-11PSGRE
DISCONTINUED SC-11PSGYW Spyderco C11PSGYW Delica 4 Wave - Grey Nylon Handle, Partially Serrated Edge
Part #: SC-11PSGYW
2013 Spyderco 11S Delica4 Stainless Steel SpyderEdge
Part #: SC-11S
DISCONTINUED SC-11SFG Spyderco C11SFG Delica 4 Foliage Green - Nylon Handle, Fully Serrated
Part #: SC-11SFG
DISCONTINUED SC-11SGRE Spyderco C11SGRE Delica 4 ZDP-189 - Green Nylon Handle, Fully Serrated Edge
Part #: SC-11SGRE
DISCONTINUED SC-11SGYW Spyderco C11SGYW Delica 4 Wave - Grey Nylon Handle, Fully Serrated
Part #: SC-11SGYW
DISCONTINUED SC-11TRW Spyderco C11TRW Delica 4 Wave Trainer - Red Handle
Part #: SC-11TRW
DISCONTINUED SC-14SBL Spyderco C14SBL Rescue 93mm - Blue Handle
Part #: SC-14SBL
DISCONTINUED SC-14SGYW Spyderco C14SGYW Rescue Wave - Grey Handle
Part #: SC-14SGYW
DISCONTINUED SC-28PET Spyderco C28PET Dragonfly SS Etched - Stainless Steel Handle
Part #: SC-28PET
DISCONTINUED SC-29PET Spyderco C29PET Cricket SS Etched
Part #: SC-29PET
DISCONTINUED SC-41PS Spyderco Native SS - Stainless Steel Handle, Partially Serrated Edge
Part #: SC-41PS
2013 Spyderco 41PSBBK Native Lightweight Black FRN Black Blade CombinationEdge
Part #: SC-41PSBBK
DISCONTINUED SC-66PBK4 Spyderco C66PBK4 Centofante 4
Part #: SC-66PBK4
sc-67gys.jpg DISCONTINUED SC-67GY Spyderco "R" 2 - Grey handle
Part #: SC-67GY
DISCONTINUED SC-74GP Spyderco Ocelot - Plain Edge
Part #: SC-74GP
DISCONTINUED SC-74GPS Spyderco Ocelot - Partially Serrated Edge
Part #: SC-74GPS
DISCONTINUED SC-75CFP Spyderco C75CFP Kiwi Carbon Fiber
Part #: SC-75CFP
DISCONTINUED SC-75MOPA Spyderco Kiwi - Mother Of Pearl Handle, Plain Edge
Part #: SC-75MOPA
Part #: SC-78PBK
DISCONTINUED SC-78PSBK Spyderco C78PSBK Native III - Partially Serrated Edge
Part #: SC-78PSBK
DISCONTINUED SC-81GS Spyderco C81GS ParaMilitary - Fully Serrated
Part #: SC-81GS
sc-81gsbk.jpg DISCONTINUED SC-81GSBK Spyderco C81GSBK ParaMilitary Black Blade - Fully Serrated
Part #: SC-81GSBK
DISCONTINUED SC-86P Spyderco C86P Spin
Part #: SC-86P
DISCONTINUED SC-86PET Spyderco C86PET Spin Etched
Part #: SC-86PET
DISCONTINUED SC-94GP Spyderco UK Penknife - Plain Edge
Part #: SC-94GP
1sks-picture-coming-soon.gif DISCONTINUED SC-98P Spyderco C98P Polliwog
Part #: SC-98P
DISCONTINUED SC-99P Spyderco Volpe - Plain Edge
Part #: SC-99P
sc-b01prb.jpg DISCONTINUED SC-B01PRB Spyderco Rainbow Spyderfly Butterfly Knife
Part #: SC-B01PRB
DISCONTINUED SC-BY03BKP Spyderco Byrd BY03BKP Black Cara Cara - Plain Edge
Part #: SC-BY03BKP
DISCONTINUED SC-BY03PS Spyderco Byrd BY03PS Cara Cara - Partially Serrated
Part #: SC-BY03PS