Emerson Hard Wear Knives

From Ernest R. Emerson: These are the knives you've been waiting for - finally - and here they are. I have been working on this project for almost two years and it has taken this long to get them from concept to drawing board to you, the ultimate judge of quality and performance. The knives are manufactured in Japan by G. SAKAI Co. and represent the quality standards and specs that I demanded and the quality of craftsmanship that you already know they produce.

These are hard - core Emerson designs now at affordable prices for everyone to own. They are geared for toughness and performance just like all Emerson Knives are and held to those same high standards.

I have worked long and hard at this project and these knives represent the culmination of those efforts. These models bring you Emerson designs at extremely affordable prices. They are built to serve you and serve you in whatever capacity you choose to use them, the rigors of extreme use or just to open up the daily mail.

I'm very proud of them and I know you'll enjoy them - Give em' Hell.

Watch the Hard Wear line for continued growth and more and more exciting new models. There are many more to come. If you ever wondered if you could afford an Emerson Knife, the question now is - How can I afford not to own one?