CMG Flashlights

Founders, Tony Kaplan and Jimmy Wener, started The Course Made Good (CMG) Equipment in early 1998 when they noticed a lack of innovation in flashlight technology. With knowledge about new lighting technologies gained from their previous job, Jimmy and Tony took a couple of product ideas along with guidance from numerous outdoor veterans and seized a major opportunity with a new type of lighting, Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D.s).

After attending a seminar on LED's in 1997, and learning of their application for commercial street lights, CMG realized a different application and beneficiary for these super efficient LED's - the outdoor enthusiast. Recognizing that backpackers plow through a lot of batteries in their flashlights, CMG saw the Infinity Light and BonFire Tent Light as an answer to 90% of the backpacker's lighting needs. Running off of a single AA battery, and powered by CMG's patented single AA circuit booster, the Infinity has the efficiency, brightness, durability, and functionality unmatched by any light of its size. Next came the BonFire Tent Light. CMG designed the BonFire with every camper's dilemma at heart - how do you efficiently and safely illuminate your tent? A candle lantern is a fire hazzard in your tent; battery operated incandescent flashlights are very inefficient and require you to carry extra batteries and bulbs for any extended trip. CMG answered the problem by designing the BonFire, the safest, brightest, and most efficient tent light available.