Chris Reeve Large Sebenza

The Chris Reeve Sebenza sets the standard for precision made folders, as it is both structurally solid and aesthetically pleasing. Though this knife may be pretty to look at, there is no mistaking it's utility purpose.

The Integral Lock is a result of Chris Reeve's dissatisfaction with liner locks in general, he thought that they were too flimsy. As a result, he redesigned the concept to make the most rugged folding knives on the market. The locking method on these knives uses the complete thickness of the titanium liner to acheive one of the strongest lockup's out there, something that is totally reliable under almost any circumstance.

From the large pivot bearing surface to the the Phosphor-Bronze thrust washers to the titanium liner, everything about this knife is designed so that it will last as long as possible while remaining simple and efficient.

The Sebenza is also available in decorated versions, making this already classic knife even more attractive and suitable for wear with buisiness attire. All designs are machined into the titanium of the liners itself, making this equal parts tool and sculpture. 

To help prolong the life of his knives, Chris Reeve has each Sebenza come with a small Allen Key so that the user can take the knife apart for cleaning and maintenance. If your knife needs maintenance, simply disassemble the knife, clean, and apply a drop of gun oil or silicon. This does not void the warranty, and is in fact encouraged. At right is a close up of the Allen screws used to assemble and disassemble the knife when needed.

The Sebenza is available in left or right handed models, in a variety of blade materials, and finishes.